Healthcare Time Tracking

How MyHealth used our Outlook Timesheet system to create the perfect Healthcare Time Tracking solution.

Timesheet Healthcare

Timewatch helps MyHealth Access Network deliver efficient health services.

The Customer

MyHealth Access Network links more than 4,000 health providers and their patients to a state-wide health information system from its Tulsa, Oklahoma, headquarters.

The Mission

  • Track billable project hours

  • Track time spent on different work projects

  • Find a system that was fast and required minimal training

  • Software must be able to adapt to business processes rather than the business adapting it’s processes to match the software

Outlook Healthcare Time Tracking

The Solution

OutlookTime® Outlook time tracking functionality turns Outlook appointments into timesheets to deliver OutlookTime® provides Outlook time tracking functionality, allowing users to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.

The Results

  • Timesheet system driven from Outlook

  • ZERO duplication of labor

  • Turns Outlook appointments into timesheets in seconds

  • Saves hours each week

  • Increased efficiency

  • Import own master list of billing categories

  • No compromise, the software fits the customer, not the other way around

  • 100% reliability

The Details

MyHealth Access Network links more than 4,000 health providers and their patients to a statewide health information system. The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is also focused on building and strengthening local health IT infrastructure and exploring innovative approaches to improve healthcare and healthcare cost.

“We take your medical records and put it in a central location so that doctors can access your full medical records no matter what health system you go to,” explains Lance Butler, MyHealth Access Network’s Project Manager, who directs the organization’s grants.

MyHealth Access Network chose Timewatch to provide its timekeeping systems. “We have a small staff – about 20 of us – but we have a lot of projects that we are working on and we needed a way to track billable project hours,” says Lance Butler, Project Manager at MyHealth Access Network. We started off keeping track of time in Excel spreadsheets. Each week people would track the amount of time on a projects each day but we needed more detail.”

MyHealth Access Network signed up to use OutlookTime® – the timesheet entry system which turns appointments and emails into timesheets and Outlook into a timesheet system.

“What impressed our team about OutlookTime® was the ability to tie categories you already use to a project. That clicked a lightbulb for our team: we continue to use the categories we already have set up and the software automatically charges it. At the end of the week we submit and are done. That was the ah-ha moment. OutlookTime® ties in so well with what we are already doing.”