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Read Timewatch Customer stories and references from outlook timesheet, resource scheduling, time tracking, time and billing and professional services automation (psa) implementations. Timewatch Customer stories are available for industries ranging from healthcare, consultancy, CPA / accounting, finance, banking, sport, insurance, education and training, food, airlines, government relations, oil and gas, etc.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Timewatch is helping thousands schedule resources, track timesheets and bill customers their way.

Our technology team said OutlookTime® would make time tracking faster and help us with reports. Both have been proven true.

About Outlook TimesheetsSenior Exec, Leading DC Government Relations Firm

With Whitespace®, schedulers can see instantly see who is available to get to the client in the shortest amount of time.

Benefits of Whitespace® Resource SchedulingProject Leader

We usually set our calendar several months in advance. We need to know where we are going next week and the week after. Now we do.

On using Whitespace® Resource SchedulingExecutive

It is important to know how much time we are spending on projects so we can go back to our clients and tell them about possible inefficiencies and reward staff if they are being efficient.

Benefits of Time TrackingDirector

I think most of our employees will end up using Whitespace® on their iPads although if they need to log in from their phone it is also super easy.

On Using Whitespace® Resource SchedulingProject Leader

We looked at a lot of companies. Most didn’t do the key things that we needed them to do, but we knew that Whitespace® could. Timewatch® and Whitespace® are the best resource scheduling fit that we have found.

On Choosing Whitespace®Project Sponsor

We needed to closely manage the financial performance of our project work, project managers and staff to understand fees incurred against budgets and to better plan and manage work, keep administration tasks to a minimum, while ensuring staff could complete timesheets and claim expenses quickly from any location.

We chose Time®&Money from Timewatch as it was the only product that delivered on all requirements.

On choosing Time®&MoneyDirector

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing time administration.”


We have managed to reduce backlogs in timesheets and can now understand project performance in real time.

Benefits Of Using Time®&MoneyConsultancy

We looked around at many packages, we always came back to the base functionality in Whitespace - the easy color coding, being able to see skill sets and appointments in a simple visual way, and being able to have appointments interact with Outlook were key for us.

On Choosing WhiteSpace®Finance Director

I live by my Outlook calendar and OutlookTime® is a great way to pull time recording right out of something that already exists, something I’m already using.

Consultancy FirmCEO

I looked at a few trials. I looked at Harvest and few other timekeeping platforms like that but most of them didn’t facilitate projects the way Timewatch could.

Civil & Structural EngineerOn choosing Timewatch

Yes. It definitely does save time. If you were using our old system and you were doing things on spreadsheets you would be saving at least two hours per week per person if you were using OutlookTime ®

On the time saved using OutlookTime®.Civil & Structural Engineers

We wanted to keep administration tasks to a minimum, while ensuring staff could complete timesheets and claim expenses quickly from a range of working locations. And that is exactly what Time®&Money gives us.

Time Tracking & BillingProject Leader

We use Timewatch’s Whitespace® system to schedule pilots flying rosters 24 hours a day. Each pilot has a different role and mission to fulfil. Our pilots are located at multiple airfields which also made communication challenging when using different systems. Whitespace® solves this.

Resource SchedulingDefense

We now have a monitor screen in a hangar at each field that each pilot can see and interact with their current schedules, sorties and upcoming schedules in real time. The automated system has reduced scheduling conflicts and expanded internal communication.

Use Of Resource SchedulingDefense

Time® helps with our decision making process – whether we retain a client or offer up additional opportunities to help them to improve their business, Timewatch helps us make informed decisions

Time Tracking & BillingAccounting Firm

The way we have set up the system for our needs, we can look at the data from a service perspective, a project, a client or whatever it is. You just put your service into the system and the project and – Boom! Done.

On Configuring Time Tracking & BillingCEO, Accounting / CPA Firm

We can now see right in front of us where we are spending our time. It is not only better for our clients but it is a lot easier with employee evaluations. We have budgeted expectations for everyone and I am able to drill down to see how those expectations are being met.

Benefits of Time®&MoneyDirector, Accounting / CPA Firm

Time® helps us make informed decisions.

Benefits of Time TrackingCEO

It has made all our employees’ lives better.

A Reflection on using our Outlook TimesheetSenior Exec, Leading DC Government Relations Firm

We reviewed about five or six time tracking applications. We chose the best combination of time tracking, expense tracking and reporting and being able to customize the specific project data that we need to use. We now use Timewatch’s Time&Money® for regular expenses, travel expenses and for tracking and approving those expenses

On Choosing Time®&MoneyMajor Healthcare Organization

We had a lot of data to pull across from our old system and Timewatch help with that.

On bringing historical data into a new Timewatch systemDirector

Time®&Money is compatible with all devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. No matter where our people work, time and expenses can be easily recorded.

Devices Time and Billing supportsProject Leader

Time®&Money provides real time, action-oriented information to benefit our business and our clients’ businesses as well.

Benefits of Time & BillingCEO

We were looking for a time recording package that would enable a transparent link into our accounting system. We now have a common package across the group that meets our company’s requirements 100 percent.

On Linking With A Financial SystemFinance Director

With Time®&Money, we now have the ability to know who has and has not submitted a timesheet. It allows us to see if we are making money on our projects and allows us to report back to our clients weekly on incurred costs on their projects.

Benefits Of Using Time®&MoneyCEO

As we started expanding, we quickly realized that we needed a tool that could keep accurate track of our employees’ timesheets and expenses. After evaluating multiple programs, we selected Time®&Money from Timewatch. The ease of use and the comprehensive, detailed reporting were particularly impressive features.

On Choosing Time®&MoneyConsultancy Firm

Our accounting department says Time®&Money is easy to use and customize for specific projects and expense allocations. Accounting also likes how easy it is to add new codes and configure it to how they need it. Any time they need to add something or change something they don’t even blink.

What the Accounts department saysGlobal Healthcare Provider

Because we are covering such a broad geographic area all of our service trips are planned out well in advance, and Whitespace® helps us with that.

Resource SchedulingFood Industry

20 percent of our staff struggled to get their timesheet in at the end of the month. Our staff are however very diligent about calendars.

OutlookTime® has made it possible for employees to go from their calendars to their timesheet with a few clicks.

On the speed of Outlook Timesheet entryLeading Government Relations Firm

Your product and your developers are truly the best.

Regarding updates and customizationFortune 100 customer

What impressed our team about OutlookTime® was the ability to tie categories you already use to a project. That clicked a lightbulb for our team: we continue to use the categories we already have set up and the software automatically charges it. At the end of the week we submit and [our timesheet] is done.

That was the ah-ha moment. OutlookTime® ties in so well with Outlook and what we are already doing.

On using Outlook for TimesheetsHealthcare

The real savings have been in the frequency that time sheets are filled in – so we have better access to real-time project performance data.

Benefits From Using Time®&MoneyCEO

OutlookTime® gives us a timesheet system driven by Outlook with ZERO duplication of labor, which saves everyone hours each week.

Outlook TimesheetHealthcare

It is a good tool to help us with pricing and cost. It’s true that it saves time each month and you are also more diligent with your calendar. It turns your work culture around.

On The Benefits Of Using Outlook TimesheetsLeading Government Relations Firm

OutlookTime® has given us efficiencies that we didn’t have before.

It has helped us track time and it is now also great to know how much time is being spent on a client so that we can bill for the right amount of time.

On the benefits of Outlook Timesheet entryLeading Government Relations Firm

With improved information and reporting, Time® gives us better and more open conversations with everyone – whether they are client or staff.

Benefits of Time TrackingDirector

Wow! Show me that again.

On using our Outlook TimesheetAmazed at how simple, easy and fast turning Outlook appointments into timesheets is.

Everybody had said that it would be great if they could just right-click their calendar appointments and turn that into a timesheet.

That is exactly what OutlookTime® does.

About Outlook Timesheet EntryLeading Government Relations Firm

We were looking for a time tracking solution that would enable a transparent link into our accounting system and could support specific features unique to our organization. We now have a common packaged across the group that meets our company's requirements 100 percent.

On Linking With Financial SystemFinance Director

I trialed a number of different things that were recommended but when I did the demo with Timewatch it ticked a lot more of the boxes than any of the others did.

On choosing a Timewatch systemDirector

We asked ourselves – why couldn’t we just track our time in Outlook and pull it out of the calendar?

CEOMarketing Consultancy

Outlook Timesheet gets 5 Stars

Marketing Consultancy

How this marketing consultancy leveraged Outlook data to save make timesheet entry nearly 10 times faster, saving their employees and administrators valuable time.


Faster timesheets and streamlined billing

Civil / Structural Engineers

Learn how this Civil and Structural Engineering firm improved their timesheet billing and reporting, and saved engineers around 10 hours each month by upgrading to Timewatch®.


Resource Scheduling

Leading Healthcare Solutions Provider

This leading solutions provider to the healthcare industry is dedicated to growing their network of 155,000 connected caregivers, with one goal in mind— to make healthcare better, for everyone. Learn how Timewatch improved resource scheduling, synced schedules with users’ Outlook calendars, extended scheduling to mobile devices and more.


Outlook Timesheet Saved Employees 2 Days a Month

Leading Government Relations Firm

This DC based advisory firm works with multiple government agencies in defense, security, and intelligence. They explain how OutlookTime® enabled their employees to turn their Outlook calendars into timesheets, and made their organization more efficient.


Improved Timesheet and Billing Accuracy

Certified Public Accountants

Tom Fucito’s objective is to help their clients sleep at night. Taking a leaf out of their own book, they approached Timewatch to help solve their timesheet problem, a home grown Excel based solution. They had specific needs not catered to in typical off the shelf systems, and wanted a system that worked the way they work. We helped by configuring our Time® solution to match their needs.


Consultant Time Tracking

How our time tracking system solved this consultancy company’s problems

Regeneris helps its customers enhance their understanding of economic opportunities and challenges, make better investment decisions, and speed projects through planning to delivery. When they wanted to apply these principles to their time tracking and project costing solution, they chose Timewatch.


Accurate Resource Scheduling and Availability

How our Scheduling system helps ensure the food we eat is produced efficiently and safely

Heard of Nestle, Unilever, Kroger, or Dean Foods? Masterleo services equipment used by food manufacturers such as these, so when they needed a resource scheduling solution to schedule technicians, view availability and perform capacity planning, they scoured the marketplace, and chose our Whitespace® resource scheduling solution. Learn why.


Time and Expense Management

Leader in healthcare education implements Timewatch best-practice timesheet and expense software to meet industry compliance standards and regulation

This major player in the heathcare industry delivers clinical education, risk management, and patient safety education for its customers. High industry compliance standards and regulations mean this business must be on top of its data. The company’s accounting department needed a time and expense management system that could be configured to meet their unique and ever-changing needs and high standards. They chose Time®&Money.


Timesheet Helps Win Olympic Gold

National Sports Training Institute

This training institute played a crucial role in developing and training athletes to represent their country. Their aim was to produce the best possible performance at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. So when a national Olympic training facility came on board using our outlook timesheet in preparation for the 2016 Olympics, we felt pride when the team brought home a case of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.


Timesheet System Driven From Outlook

Statewide health information relies on Timewatch

The lightbulb moment for MyHealth Access Network was when they realized how much time Timewatch could save them using Outlook to track timesheets, and how easy it was.


Resource Scheduling gives Better Healthcare

Pharmacy Giant

How Timewatch help this leading pharmacy company improve their customer retention through improved trainer scheduling, syncing with Outlook, and saved schedulers hours each day.


Employee Timesheets and Expenses

Oil, Gas & Mining Services

For Kaisen, it is crucial to deliver their projects on budget and on time, and needed a tool that could accurately keep track of employees’ timesheets and expenses, and support time and expenses from anywhere, on any device. See why they chose Timewatch.


Time and Billing

Leading Global Insurance Providers

When disaster strikes, this global insurance provider immediately deploys a team of first-class professionals and technical experts from one of their 76 offices across 29 countries. They know time and accuracy is of the essence and to track timesheets, they use Time®&Money from Timewatch, but with some specific business processing customizations that enabled them to perfectly meet their requirements.